Will Apple’s New San Francisco Store Be An Apple Car Showroom?

Video Description: Apple’s new flagship San Francisco store is a redesign of the brand’s shopping experience. Giant glass doors bring the outdoors inside to the new tree-lined Genius Grove where Creative Pros assist with music and photography apps and accessories.

Wired provided this video giving us all a look inside the new San Francisco Apple store. The huge glass doors could very easily allow cars to drive in and out. This goes along with the speculations of PC Magazine’s John Dvorak and other analysts.

The gorgeous and expansive building overlooking San Francisco’s Union Square is being built in part as celebration of Apple’s 15th anniversary of retail stores. This is the first new Apple store that could be in preparation for displaying and selling the Apple Car, and what better place to do it than the streets of San Francisco. The store even has an outdoor plaza area with wifi that is open 24 hours a day.

The store opened on Saturday, May 21st and hundreds of people were lined up to get in. Apple’s Senior Vice President, Angela Ahrendts was on hand for the experience.  More surprising though was the appearance of Jony Ive at the event.

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