Who Is Working On Apple’s Project Titan?

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There have been a myriad of reports over the last several months uncovering details of “who’s who” among Apple’s Project Titan team.

Although the official word on employees is about as official as the car itself, it is interesting to see who may be involved:

  • Jamie Carlson, an engineer on Tesla’s Autopilot self-driving car program, and automotive vision systems for Michigan-based supplier Gentex Corp.
  • Megan McClain, a former Volkswagen AG engineer with expertise in automated driving.
  • Vinay Palakkode, a graduate researcher at Carnegie Mellon University.
  • Xianqiao Tong, an engineer who developed computer vision software for driver assistance systems at microchip maker Nvidia Corp.
  • Paul Furgale, former deputy director of the Autonomous Systems Lab at the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology.
  • Sanjai Massey, an engineer with experience in developing connected and automated vehicles at Ford and several automotive suppliers.
  • Stefan Weber, a former Bosch engineer with experience in video-based driver assistance systems.
  • Lech Szumilas, a former Delphi research scientist with expertise in computer vision and object detection.
  • Doug Betts, former global quality leader at Fiat Chrysler.
  • Johann Jungwirth, former head of research and development at Mercedes – left for VW in Nov. 2015.
  • Mujeeb Ijaz, a former Ford Motor Co. engineer who founded A123 Systems’s Venture Technologies division.
  • Nancy Sun, former vice president of electrical engineering at electric motorcycle company, Mission Motors, in San Francisco.
  • Mark Sherwood, former director of powertrain systems engineering at Mission Motors.
  • Eyal Cohen, former vice president of software and electrical engineering at Mission Motors.
  • Jonathan Cohen, former director of Nvidia’s deep learning software for Drive PX platform.

Follow the link for supporting information concerning each name on the list. If even a portion of this list can be validated, it doesn’t seem like the Project Titan team will be focused on “autonomous” iPhones or watches.

Source: Wikipedia

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