Tim Cook Carefully Hinting At An Apple Car

Apple CEO Tim Cook

Just the other day, Jena McGregor from the Washington Post conducted a substantial interview with Apple CEO, Tim Cook. While Cook has dropped some hints before, this marks the first time that he has been so candid about the Apple Car or whatever the official Project Titan business is, without actually saying anything official.

McGregor initially opened the can of worms by asking:

“There’s been a number of reports about Apple’s car project… it almost seems like an open secret. Why not say something about it?”

Cook responded:

“I can’t answer a question about something we haven’t announced. [Laughs.]“

Apparently, the laugh held some obviously implied meaning. Again, Cook didn’t avoid the topic, nor did he say that the company wasn’t working on it. He called it “something” and simply maintained that it hasn’t been made official by Apple. As McGregor pried more, Cook continued:

“We’ve always viewed that people love surprises. We don’t have enough anymore in our lives.”

This all happened after Cook had previously referred to new products earlier in the interview. Cook said:

“Products? We purposely don’t talk about that one. But you can imagine. Step back and say what’s Apple so great at? Apple is the only company that can take hardware, software and services and integrate those into an experience that’s an ‘aha’ for the customer. You can take that and apply to markets that we’re not in today.”

McGregor also asked Cook about the recent notice of monumental and mysterious R&D spending. She questioned:

“R&D spending is now greater than what the 14 largest automakers spend, combined … What’s the most exciting technology out there to you right now?”

Cook’s response was the icing on the cake. He explained:

“That one I don’t want to answer, because it would give too much of an insight into the things we’re doing. But we have ramped up R&D because we are heavily investing in the future — both in current product lines and things that aren’t visible as well, including in services. In due time, some of those things will be visible.”

This last statement makes it even more clear that whatever Tim Cook and Apple have under wraps is so far different and off the charts from the company’s “normal” products, that he can’t even shed light on his own interests. Sure … it would have been easy for Cook to answer the question by simply saying “communication” or “mobility” or “mapping” or “virtual reality”, but instead, he chose to mute himself.

One day … some day … we will know. Unfortunately, never soon enough.

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