The Obvious But Overlooked Apple Car Partnership That Already Exists – And It’s Not A Rumor

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We have all heard over and over that Apple could partner with Tesla, or buy an auto company, or pay Magna to build the Apple Car, or heck … purchase all three Big Three automakers right? Possible start-up acquisitions have been noted, like that of the recent Lit possibility, or the Korean hollow-battery company. Now, Apple may be looking to buy McLaren. You get the idea. We have heard it all.

In everyone’s venture to figure out Apple’s teammate of choice, we have overlooked a major player that is already on Apple’s team. Not to mention a few others that surely deserve notice.

Most people see Samsung as Apple’s biggest competitor in the smartphone and tablet industry, due to all of the marketing. But actually, Samsung is one of Apple’s top suppliers for the iPhone and the iPad. The company makes Apple’s chips and some of Apple’s displays.

Samsung is also moving into supplying for the auto industry. The company is currently in talks to purchase Fiat’s auto parts division. Samsung, based out of South Korea, recently acquired a large stake in a Chinese electric carmaker, has boldly publicized its intention to dive into the auto parts business, and has hugely successful Korean automakers, Kia and Hyundai, in its backyard. Reports show that Samsung is working on its own car, and here’s the ultimate kicker … Samsung has already built cars in partnership with Renault-Nissan.

It wouldn’t be an exaggeration to say that Samsung has its hands in just about everything. The company comprises around 80 subsidiaries, with activities in construction, consumer electronics, financial services, insurance, travel, shipbuilding, and medical services. Samsung Electronics makes air conditioners, computers, digital televisions, liquid crystal displays, mobile phones, monitors, printers, refrigerators, semiconductors and telecommunications networking equipment. It is the world’s largest mobile phone maker. Samsung Engineering constructs oil refining plants, upstream oil and gas facilities, petrochemical plants and gas plants, steel making plants, power plants, and water treatment facilities. This is the short list of Samsung’s global impact.

Samsung could provide just about everything possible to make the Apple Car, or autonomous Apple Car technology, a reality. A few other companies also deserve some lip service.

Mobileye, now a former Tesla partner, is a top player in autonomous vehicle systems. With its current breakup from Tesla, new customers are needed. Why not Tesla’s ‘would-be’ competitor.

Delphi Automotive is a massive British auto parts maker. Morgan Stanley says:

“Delphi is one of the few global suppliers that can leverage secular technological shifts in the auto industry to become a ‘mega supplier'” … The company “stands to benefit significantly from the emergence of fully outsourced business models of OEMs, driven by … importance of software in vehicles.”

It would be absurd to leave out Bosch. Apple already has some ‘poached’ Bosch employees on the Project Titan team. Bosch makes electric motors, among many other car-related systems and parts. Bosch is also located near Apple’s car lab in Germany. When the whole Apple Car  process began, Apple was looking to BMW as its number one partner, or product model. It seemed Tim Cook and Jony Ive preferred German engineering.

Eh … like we said up front … the list could go on and on and we have heard it all.

But …Samsung? Yes, Apple supplier Samsung could and should be the answer.

Source (Business Insider)

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