The Fully Autonomous Apple Car Will Completely Change The Auto Industry

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Retired automotive icon, now independent consultant, Bob Lutz, calls the autonomous vehicle the “death of the auto industry as we know it.” Fortunately for him, it will be awhile before it comes to be. Lutz says:

“That whole system, I’m convinced, is 30 years away. Probably the biggest chance we have of this not happening is a lack of sufficient prosperity to bring it about. Which is an alternative none of us likes.”

He points out that the government will need to be heavily involved. The whole process will cost a substantial amount of money. Every car will likely be required to have a transponder, just like airplanes.

Lutz believes that when we get to the point that there are fully autonomous modules providing standardized, dial-up transportation, brands won’t matter:

“What is the reason for being in a BMW module or a Mercedes module? Especially since you get a different one every time you dial it up on your device? For automakers, that’s the scary part.”

In major cities especially, it’s not likely that people will want to own cars. Traffic is worse and worse, roads can’t be built or widened any faster or any more. With the huge popularity of Uber, people are already growing accustomed to a similar system. The only difference will be “no drivers”.

Competition to build the most aesthetically appealing or unrivaled performance vehicle won’t exist. Lutz explains:

“Back then . . .  It was still up to the leaders of the automobile industry to provide a more attractive car than the competition, whatever the scenario. But in a situation where the brand motive for purchase goes away and the perceived performance motive goes away? Boy, that’s a tough one.”

Lutz doesn’t think that the automobile in its current form will go away. Rather, it will be for sporting purposes, instead of necessity:

“Independent driving will become the equivalent of going to an upmarket horse event on a weekend. At places like Monticello Motor Club in New York and Autobahn Country Club near Chicago, you can enjoy your car.”

In the end, convenience, time, and safety are on the top of the list for most people in our ever-changing, fast-paced world. Apple is looking to change the world for the better with its autonomous electric vehicle.

Something lost, something gained.

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4 Comments on The Fully Autonomous Apple Car Will Completely Change The Auto Industry

  1. I think Lutz went a little overboard with the prediction of having no more human operated vehicles. There are many people that enjoy driving and will want to have that ability. In the movie “iRobot” there was a pretty cool Audi of the future with autonomous drive. The driver could drive if he wanted to, or disengage and let it drive him while he read a news file or fought evil robots attacking him! LOL

  2. Wow, this change is coming faster than we thought even a couple of years ago. It is the UBER effect coupled with the shocking advances in autonomous drive. The cheap price of gas being so low is really the only thing that can slow this down.

  3. /pink ties forever

    Lutz is right that the combination of an autonomous and electric vehicle means the death of conventional automotive manufacturing, and probably 80% of the brands we know today.

    Hopefully Lutz is wrong about the 30 year timeline though, (=

  4. I know I have family members in their teens that have little interest in cars, or even getting their license. As long as they can get from A to B, they are happy.

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