The Apple Car May Make Traffic Lights Obsolete

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Scientists at MIT have proven that we don’t need a smart car, like the upcoming Apple Car, to increase traffic safety and get rid of traffic lights. Cars will just need a pair of sensors installed to make the concept work. However, it can be assumed that smart cars of the future, including the Apple Car, will have such technology built in.

Interconnectivity of vehicles is the key to the concept. Paolo Santi from Ambient Mobility Lab and Carlo Rati from Senseable City Laboratory worked together to make the project a reality. They created a “nervous system” that has the ability to connect vehicles with intersections.

Rati said:

“Given the current state of technology, the system can be implemented without a problem, and it can be accessed even by those who don’t possess smart vehicles.”

The two sensors that are installed on the vehicle will assess speed, trajectory, and other vehicles. Drivers are then instructed to drive behind certain vehicles and maintain specific parameters.

The two scientists were honest to admit that there is still accident risk, especially due to human error. Even if the sensors and the system works flawlessly, the “pilot” may not. With the installation of driverless autonomous vehicles, such a concept could be much more foolproof.

Rati and Santi are currently working on agreements to test the concept in various major cities.

While the MIT think tanks have proven that this concept could surely be a reality, vehicles like the Apple Car will have to be widely in place to assure its safety.

Source (Regal Tribune)

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