Apple Hires Former Porsche Technical Director

December 20, 2016 1

News continues to make it clear that Apple is not through with Project Titan. At this point, the company may not be through with the Apple Car itself. Alexander Hitzinger, designer of the Porsche that […]

What Can Augmented Reality Achieve?

November 14, 2016 1

We have been reporting about Apple’s push into the segment of Augmented Reality (AR). Unlike Virtual Reality (VR), AR superimposes virtual elements into real life. Think Pokeman Go! So, as you move through your “real-world” […]

The “Pros” Talk About Project Titan’s Apple Car

October 31, 2016 0

Motley Fool’s podcast “Industry Focus” has dialed in on the Apple Car topic a few times lately. In the podcast entitled Industrials, Motley Fool analyst Sean O’Reilly and senior auto specialist John Rosevear talk about why Apple […]

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