Survey Shows High Interest In An Apple Car


We can only hope that Apple is simply “revamping” Project Titan, rather than throwing in the towel. Apparently, we are not the only people that feel this way. Let’s face it … there is a large group of consumers out there that will seemingly purchase anything with the Apple name on it. Consumers want an Apple Car.

Apple may want to check out a recent survey by Technalysis Research. According to the study’s findings, 12% of people surveyed would definitely purchase an Apple Car, sight unseen. There was a much larger percentage of people that would consider buying one. The survey focused on a random sample of 1,000 people with plans to purchase a vehicle over the next two years. Those surveyed will be sad to know that Apple won’t have a product ready for them by then, but the interest was still compelling.

Technalysis president, Bob O’Donnell, said:

“Given what a huge jump it is from smartphones and tablets to cars, I was very surprised to see the level of consideration that consumers said they would give to big tech brands like Google and Apple. It appears traditional car vendors really do need to be concerned about the potential impact that these companies could have on the automotive industry.”

Takeaways from the survey:

  • 17% of iPhone owners said that they would definitely buy an Apple Car
  • 23% of iPhone owners said that they would “seriously consider” buying an Apple Car
  • 28% of iPhone owners said that they would “modestly consider” buying an Apple Car
  • 16% of ALL respondents would “seriously consider” buying an Apple Car
  • 24% of ALL respondents would “modestly consider” buying an Apple Car

The final numbers are even more telling. A total of 68% of iPhone owners and 52% of ALL respondents said that they would either purchase or consider purchasing an Apple Car.

This week, information came forward stating that Apple is reassessing its direction on the autonomous car. However, the details and direction were not divulged. This brings to light another interesting piece of information from the survey. Based on survey responses, in terms of autonomous technology, consumers were more interested in advanced safety features like blind-spot warning, cameras, and emergency braking, than self-driving. People voiced concerns about safety and cost factor, related to autonomous vehicles.

Perhaps Apple is a step ahead of the survey, shifting back to focusing solely on a traditional electric car to disrupt the market. Or, maybe Apple will be the company that will provide the safest, most cost-effective autonomous technology to peak consumer acceptance. Loyal customers trust Apple and its track record and many people remain skeptical about Tesla and other emerging start-ups. People are uneasy about traditional automakers’ lack of expertise in the field of software and technology. Leave it to Apple to put everything in place.

Source (Investor’s Business Daily)

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