Steven Levy on Apple’s iBrain

Recently, Steven Levy posted an article that completely picks apart Apple’s iBrain and artificial intelligence. Levy is a senior writer for Wired and editor and chief for tech site, Medium. He is an American writer, well-known for books on everything related to computers, technology, and beyond. His latest book, “In the Plex”, is an inside guide to Google. Levy is also a highly-regarded Apple critic and editor of Backchannel. 

The post will open your eyes on how Apple handles its machine learning and how it all works. The small, 200 MB “brain” in an iPhone is quite amazing. It is intriguing to consider what a more powerful version might be able to achieve in an Apple Car. Especially fascinating is pondering the implications of a vast computer “neural network” controlling an autonomous vehicle.

While news regarding Apple is somewhat sparse, or at least the “secret” or “inside” information, Levy’s insight and delivery is surely a good read for any true Apple fan. The post is full of informative tidbits about a technology that the Cupertino company has revealed very little about.

Source (BackChannel)

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