Project Titan Executives Make Ultimatums For 2017

Finally, some people from inside of Project Titan – or maybe outside at this point – have come forward and given Bloomberg a bit of information. Of course, much of what was told, we already know, but there is some valuable new information. Perhaps Christmas Eve will come, as soon as next year. All of us Whos sure hope so!

One undisclosed source said that even though Apple has lost hundreds of employees to layoffs, reorganization, and people leaving, the company has continued hiring for the project, to even out the 1,000 person team. One such situation said to have taken place involves John Wright, a veteran Apple manager who led the software teams, leaving the project. But people familiar with the matter assured that Dan Dodge, creator of BlackBerry Ltd.’s QNX car software, has filled the role for Apple’s auto software platform architecture.

Inside informers also said that, for now, Apple is not building its own car. The company has decided to focus on the tech part first, so that in the end, it could hypothetically go in any platform. This way, Apple can choose to partner with other automakers, market the tech independently, or choose the option to make its own car, when the time comes.

The most enlightening information leaked to Bloomberg was a timeline, based on an ultimatum from the top. Two people involved in the matter explained that Project Titan executives have finally decided on a deadline. Team members were given until late 2017 (likely a year from now), to prove the self-driving system’s prowess and feasibility. At that point, executives will make a final call on Project Titan’s fate.

Let’s hope it’s public …

Source (Bloomberg)

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