Porsche CEO has no fear of Apple Car

Porsche CEO Oliver Blume recently interviewed for a Porsche press release offered his view on self-driving cars and the Apple Car in particular.

In the interview he reiteration Porsche’s plan for its own electric car called mission E.  He aslo gave respect to Tesla for helping to pioneer the market

“Tesla has introduced many new facets,” he said. “It has provided the industry with genuine stimuli. And that deserves respect.”

Not surprisingly he wasn’t too thrilled with the concept of a self driving car

“It’s about as tempting as a Rolex for boiling eggs,” he said. “A Porsche is something that you want to drive yourself. ”

Finally he addressed the elephant in the room, Apple’s plan for it’s own vehicle:

Can Apple build a comparable Porsche? No. Does Apple want to build a Porsche? No. Does Porsche then need to worry about Apple as a competitor? No, no and three times no. Does that mean we can ignore Apple and their ilk? Certainly not! I’m impressed by the tremendous technological dynamism of this company. We can only learn from this and we will have to see how things stand with our skills in dealing with these players. Either we have the skills or we will have to develop them.

Source (Porsche)


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