Not Surprising At All To See Tesla Fans At Apple HQ

At Least Four (Maybe Five) Teslas In Google Street View Photo Of Apple Headquarters

Recently we reported notice of two Tesla Model X SUVs at Apple’s headquarters in Cupertino, California. Now reports are showing a myriad of Tesla vehicles in the Apple employee parking lot.

A Reddit thread had posted a picture that an Apple employee took proving the “phenomenon”. However, as expected when Apple is involved, the picture taker requested removal promptly after the post was published. As we all know, Apple and Tesla have “traded” employees over the course of time and Elon Musk has affectionately referred to Apple as the “Tesla graveyard”.

Since the news appeared, people have used Google Street View to check out the area. Unfortunately, the seven Teslas from the Reddit post do not appear, but not surprisingly, there are at least four. In the original “removed” posting, the seven Teslas (4 Model S, 2 Model X, and a Roadster) were in most all of Apple’s charging spots near the front of the campus.

There are surely many more Teslas parked throughout campus, as it is not shocking that Apple employees tend to be Tesla fans, and there are also many other charging stations, aside from those shown up front.

Source (9to5Mac)

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