New Look For The Future Apple Car

Professional designer, Ali Cam, created Apple Car renderings complete with a backstory about how Apple will evolve over the next 60 years. This was all completed as a tribute to Steve Jobs’ “centenary”, and closely follows his minimalist ideals. Apple will be 100 years old in 2076 and this is Cam’s take on the 2076 Apple Car.

Of course, 60 years from now, we will likely be looking at monumental innovations in vehicles. Cam’s study is based around a futuristic product that has no wheels or batteries or an engine. Instead, it uses a magnetic field to lift and propel the fully autonomous car.

Without space taken up by traditional propulsion methods, the vehicle will essentially become a “room on wheels”. The interior would resemble an Apple lounge showcasing the company’s technology. Features such as touch ID and gesture controls would handle tasks. Cam’s concept even uses a type of glass technology that shifts from translucent to transparent based on voltage.

Click the links below for comprehensive galleries of the future Apple Car.

Source (CarScoops, Behance)

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