New Apple Patent For LED Display Technology

Augmented Reality Displayed On Windshield In Head-Up Display, Source (Patently Apple)

Apple acquired LuxVue, a company specializing in LED display technology, back in 2014. This week, the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office published the first patent from the company. It could be used for a head-up display on the Apple Car’s augmented reality windshield.

The patent is non-specific, so there is no way to be sure what Apple might be planning. The technology could be used in multiple ways for various products including tablets, phones, laptops, cameras, ebooks, TVs, in dash displays, and head-up displays, among others. The patent reads:

“One type of LED is an organic light emitting diode (OLED) in which the emissive layer of the diode is formed of an organic compound. One advantage of OLEDs is the ability to print the organic emissive layer on flexible substrates. OLEDs have been integrated into thin, flexible displays and are often used to make the displays for portable electronic devices such as mobile phones and digital cameras.”

There is some information from past reports that may suggest the technology’s uses in upcoming watch screens and possibly in Virtual or Augmented reality headsets or displays. A report posted by EE Times about LuxVue’s LED display technology explained:

“The high-brightness, enhanced-vision systems such as head-up and head-mounted displays can improve safety and performance in fields such as aeronautics and automotive, where the displays allow pilots and drivers to receive key navigation data and information in their line of sight. “

Apple is currently working on a new 3D camera feature for the iPhone 7. Another patent related to this, called the Apple/Prime Sense patent, said:

“An illumination assembly in which a light source, such as a laser diode or LED, transilluminates a transparency with optical radiation so as to project a pattern onto the object. An image capture assembly captures an image of the pattern that is projected onto the object, and a processor processes the image so as to reconstruct a three-dimensional (3D) map of the object.”

An Apple self-driving car would utilize multiple cameras as well. The LED tech for internal vehicle controls, screens, projections on the windshield, and augmented reality, coupled with advanced 3D camera capabilities for autonomous functions, could easily be applications for Apple’s Project Titan.

Source (Patently Apple)

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