More about the Apple Car Testing Facility

Recently we learned that the Apple car testing facility in Sunnyvale California was upsetting its local neighbors with loud sounds late at night

A new local new report sheds some further details.

It turns out Apple was awarded a building permit for an auto testing facility in 2014 by the local planning board.

The loud sounds heard at night also mirror loud and annoying sounds throughout the day including high pitched whining that sounds like an electric motor operating at full capacity. Other sounds include the sounds of metal sheets slamming together.

There is some new video from a local news crew investigating the story. Per resident Joanne Porter, “at three in the morning, they have deliveries. It’s very dark, very secretive. We don’t know what’s going on but almost every night there is noise that wakes the dogs up.”

Neighbors are also trailed by security crews. “You have security guards following you in their cars,” Porter said.

Source (9to5mac)

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