Magna International? Front Runner In Apple Car Partnership

One Of The Many Sprawling Magna Factories With Vast Employee Base

Many people have never heard of Magna International, a global automotive supplier based out of Canada. The company also operates Magna Steyr out of Austria, among many other subsidiaries. The Magna name is getting some unusual recent press interest as there have been reports of the company being the front runner for a possible partnership to produce the Apple Car.

Magna’s impact is global as the company supplies the Big 3, (GM, Ford, and Daimler-Chrysler), as well as Tesla, BMW, Toyota, Volkswagen, Peugeot, and Mini, to name a few. The supplier runs 305 manufacturing operations and 93 product development operations worldwide.  139,000 employees in 29 countries are at work for Magna International.

Magna began its initial venture in the early 50’s and already had a contract with General Motors by the end of the decade. In the early 60’s public share trading began at the Toronto Stock Exchange. At this time, Magna was running two production plants. Since then, the company has become an OEM for a multiplex of companies along with providing full assembly contracts for some automakers.

Over the years, the company has become very well-versed and far reaching. Magna International has capabilities in design, engineering, manufacturing, and testing of most all automotive systems. The company’s work includes powertrain, body and chassy, and exteriors. Specialization is also available in seating, electronics, doors and closures, vision systems, and roofs. Moreover, Magna is now in the market with electric and hybrid technologies.

Magna has the full capability to make its own car and potentially operate its own exclusive brand. This idea has been contemplated and reported in the past. However, at this point, the company is confidently continuing its primary focus of supplying and “assisting”.

What better prospect for Apple than a company of this “Magna”tude to supply, assist and even fully assemble final production of the Apple Car? Magna has been in business of this type of situation all along and is not “brand” exclusive or oriented. Partnering with Magna International could essentially “solve” any of Apple’s problems with actually producing a car. It could also take away the possible stigma any major automaker could face in partnering with the tech giant, along with Apple having to be subservient and compliant to established automaker’s clout-manifested expectations and demands.

Unfortunately, as previously stated, though Magna makes much magic happen for many automakers in multiple ways, the company remains behind the scenes. Few know that Magna even exists or is involved so much with the vehicles we know and drive. Knowing how Apple functions, and its want of secrecy and privacy and ultimate control of namesake and rights and data, this could be the “best of both/all worlds” for Magna and Apple.

Source (Tech Insider)

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