Ken Segall On The “New” Apple And The Apple Car

Ken Segall

Ken Segall worked side by side Steve Jobs for years at Apple. He is known as the creator of the “i” brand. Some call him Steve Jobs’ right hand man. He wrote a book about Apple called Insanely Simple and a recent follow-up called Think Simple. The books share how Apple was successful through simplicity.

Segall provided an article to The Guardian about the concept and it caused a stir because the news agency changed the title and Segall didn’t approve. The Guardian article was entitiled “How Apple lost its way: Steve Jobs’ love of simplicity is gone“. Segall insists that this was a click-bait title and changed his points to a negative. He republished the article on his own site with the original title “Has Apple lost its simplicity?

He was upset by the title due to his original article being a searching question, not a set conclusion. Others disagree and say that The Guardian’s title suits the information fine. In the end, only the content really matters.

Macworld recently interviewed Segall about his books, The Guardian article, and the Apple Car. There is an abundance of information in the recent article and in the interview.

Segall’s first reference to “simple” is the way that Apple has named its products. Everything has been an” iDevice”. However now we are moving to AppleWatch, Apple Pay, Apple Music, CarPlay, and Apple Car. Segall sees a move further away from the ‘i” and the “Apple” in the future.

He goes on to talk about the vast differences between Jobs and Cook. He gives Cook credit for being a good leader but accuses him of not having the “many talents” of Jobs. Thus, Cook relies on others for expertise beyond the task of leading.

Product lines and software are becoming increasingly confusing. Segall says that Apple Music is very difficult to comprehend. Model lines and options are growing. There are three iPhones models, four iPads, and three MacBooks. The Apple Watch has an enormous amount of options.

Of the Apple Car, Segall commented:

“I have to confess that when I first heard the rumor, I had a similar reaction. But it’s very much like Apple going into the phone category or the music player category. Apple had never made anything but computers before, so iPod was a big shock when it happened.

Every time they come up with a new product, I wonder if there’s anything left to disrupt. Cars are very much like phones. Other than Tesla, no one is really blowing people away in terms of design and usability. The concern I have is the timing of it. If it’s not gonna happen for four more years, Tesla will have that much time to get better. The competition in the category will be stiffer than it was when Apple entered music players or phones. But I do think it’s a cool idea and I would be very eager to see what kind of car Apple would build using the philosophy that’s been at the core of every product they’ve made.”

Source (Macworld)

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