It’s Sink or Swim Time For Apple’s Project Titan: The Fire Has Been Lit

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We all know that Apple is a highly competitive company. However, the company has no direct competition with current automakers, unless it chooses to follow through with a car (which we believe is probably not going to remain a priority). If Apple’s Project Titan can move the company into the automotive space, via an advancement of an Apple CarPlay-based autonomous driving system, then it may make sense to dive deeper and compete with automakers down the road.

Apple’s primary competition comes from other makers of mobile products, operating systems, and connected services. Apple CarPlay’s primary competition is Android Auto. News has spread, as of late, about Blackberry’s QNX system as well. It is the most widely-supported automotive operating system on the market. We see that Apple has quickly attempted to do something about that, with the poaching of QNX employees.

Google has always been seen as a major Apple competitor. For awhile, it seemed that Google may dive headfirst into the automotive segment, but that ship has sailed. Like Apple, the company shifted focus toward the software. However, news of those developments has also dwindled. Meanwhile, reports have been sporadic concerning potential Apple acquisitions or partnerships, none of which have come to fruition. Just the other day, McLaren confirmed that although the company had meetings with Apple, no bid was made. In the midst of all of this, perhaps Apple’s biggest competitor – Samsung –  has suddenly arrived to the table. (Too bad Apple didn’t acquire Samsung long ago)

Samsung has been having many issues lately with its phones catching fire. The company, like Apple, may not be able to count on mobile devices forever. Needless to say, as we reported earlier, Samsung seems to have its hands in just about everything. Unlike Apple, Samsung tends to dive in fairly quickly. The company has proven this once again. Weeks ago, Samsung wasn’t even on the radar for automotive operating systems, self-driving technology, etc. Now Samsung has acquired Harman. The company most know as a high-end audio supplier for vehicles, is actually much more. Samsung’s $8 billion investment makes it a key player in the future of automotive technology.

Back to Apple, and the company’s competitive nature (especially towards rivals like Blackberry and Samsung). While it may have been kosher for Apple to take its time moving into the segment, this is clearly not the case anymore. Samsung’s immediate move into the race should not be taken lightly. The company has lit a fire beneath Apple, and Blackberry has confirmed that it is also moving forward briskly. It is high time for Apple to sink or swim. At this point, it only makes sense that we will see some quick and calculated moves by Apple, or Project Titan is history.

For those of you that haven’t been fortunate enough to see this yet, here is an idea of where the segment is headed. It’s not about the future anymore, the time is now:

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