Interview: Paul Godsmark On The Apple Car And Robot Vehicles

Leander Kahney With Paul Godsmark. Image Credit (Cult of Mac)

New York Times bestselling author and Cult of Mac’s editor and publisher, Leander Kahney, recently interviewed robocar consultant, Paul Godsmark on the Apple Car and autonomous vehicles. Kahney has written four books about Apple, including books about Jony Ive and Steve Jobs. He broadcasts his interviews as podcasts called Kahney’s Korner.

Interviewee Paul Godsmark is known to be a top expert on the fast approaching autonomous vehicle race. As far as Paul is concerned, he believes that the Apple Car will make money for consumers, rather than depreciating and becoming a financial crutch.

According to Paul, autonomous cars will deliver people and products when not in use, and possibly provide other services that save or even earn the owners’ money. He discusses many changes that he sees coming with the application of self-driving vehicles into our daily lives.

Godsmark, cofounder of the Canadian Automated Vehicles Center of Excellence (CAVCOE), started his career designing roads and now has added to his resume by consulting with businesses about the future of autonomous driving. He sees it as being more impacting than the internet itself. Paul believes that many new businesses will pop up and prosper due to the transition, while many others will fade away.

The next five to ten years will mark the revolution. Listen here as Kahney leads this insightful and fascinating conversation with Godsmark.

Source (Cult of Mac)

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