Future Car Plans from Apple

Automobile Magazine has published a piece looking at the future expected offerings from Google Faraday Future and Apple.

The story combines analysts opinions and some speculation from the author to develop a couple of paragraphs rich in prophetic details.

From the story:

Where are we as far as the Apple car and the Googlemobile are concerned? Apple CEO Tim Cook is apparently determined to go ahead with his $3- to $5-billion project which will come to market in 2018. Analysts no longer believe this to be a high-volume city car. Instead, the Cupertino gang allegedly intends to offer a proper automobile that can cover long distances and is fun to drive. We’re talking about a Tesla beater here, not merely a Tesla Fighter. Key characteristics are said to include a powerful scalable e-drive matrix, a classy minimalist design, a host of new intuitive features, and eventually also fully autonomous mobility backed by the G5 Internet.

In essence, this is an iPhone on wheels. It offers a variety of total connectivity packages, piggybacks the subscription model perfected by the smartphone, and will be distributed via attractive lease deals rather than outright purchasing schemes. As part of a whole digitalized eco system, the Apple car — like the iPad or Apple TV — is a Trojan horse which gives its maker access to the client’s time, attention, loyalty, commitment, social network, and credit card account.
Definitely some interesting ideas here.  For one, they are predicting a launch in 2018, whereas other reports suggest 2019.  A classy minimalist design with a host of new intuitive features sounds plausible as well.  An iPhone on wheels connecting users ever more deeply into the Apple ecosystem sounds right too.
Source (Automobilemag)

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