Despite “Old-Fashioned” Opinions, Apple Car Can Succeed

Henry Ford And His Original Model T. A "Tech" Giant And Innovator Of His Time.

Technology news has steered its way away from smartphones, tablets, laptops, TVs, and other obvious components, as nothing is really “new”. It’s only a matter of bigger or smaller or what platform etc. The new technology news is beginning to ride on transportation and anything involved with it. In comes the likes of the Apple Car.

Interesting that a very age-old product (the car), is becoming where tech is headed. Just like Henry Ford’s life-changing Model T, we are about to witness and experience vehicles and vehicle tech, i.e. apps, wifi, electricity, hydrogen, solar, self-driving, mobility, ride-sharing, and car-hailing, among many other innovations, like no one has ever seen to date.

Old-fashioned, “tried and true” automakers and analysts will continue to say that cars are not a big money maker. They will argue that new start-ups will not possibly be able to compete against what is already in place. But, start-ups like Tesla are proving that wrong, and upcoming Google, Apple, Faraday Future, and Uber ventures, to name a small few, are all well on their way to success in the field.

Tesla is obviously leading the momentum to produce successful electric and autonomous vehicles. Google and Uber are now well on the way and have made intentions public, with test vehicles already on the road, and partnerships in the works. Apple, while private as usual, is in the mix in many ways as well.

To think that three of the world’s most innovative companies are investing into autos seems to be a crazy concept to many. But the prospects of the “newly emerging” automotive market is a game changer.

Autonomous (Self-driving) Vehicles

Sure, some have reported that cars that drive themselves are not for the masses at this point, it’s coming and will become unavoidable.

New tech in the auto industry can and will prove that autonomous cars are safer than human drivers. Once the government and insurance companies figure everything out and can get on board, the situation will take “full sail”. We may see this all happen in Europe and Asia before the U.S., but regardless, it’s coming full force, whether people want it or not. This is the new reality.

Electric (Hydrogen, Solar, other) Powered Vehicles

With government incentives kicking in and sticking around throughout the world, alternative, green-friendly energy is another reality. The U.S government’s CAFE standards are giving automakers no other option. To achieve such standards, alternative choices and fuels are the only way to go.

Ride-Sharing/Car Hailing Services

Uber’s first autonomous cars for hire are already on the road. Google has reported similar news. Lyft, recently partnered with GM, has Bolt EVs testing on the roads as well. Apple just bought heavily into Didi Chuxing, in hopes that an Apple Car may still be realistic. Didi is an Uber competitor out of China that has aggressively overtaken the Chinese market and created a coalition with Lyft and others to trump Uber.

In Conclusion

Henry Ford had a vision beyond any of his time. We all know that he succeeded exponentially in the “new” venture. Despite what anyone chooses to say about the current automotive market, it is again like the time of Henry Ford. New missions and ideas and technology are about to take over “old” ideals.

Yes, we can all believe and agree that the vehicle field is a tough, expensive and volatile market. But, when all of these tech companies are headed up in the same future direction, it makes for an exciting and game-changing reality that none of us can truly forecast or realize yet. Direct competition is always historically the best way to yield results. All we can do is wait and see, but it seems that the waiting game may not be very long.

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