Christmas Eve May Come A Bit Later For The Apple Car

There has not been much “new” news lately regarding the Apple Car or Project Titan. Reports had initially given 2019-2020 as a date for the company to start production. Unfortunately, new inside information is now pointing to a push back.

No need for the Whos Down In Whoville to worry though, the reputable sources are verifying that an Apple Car will come to be and it will be set for 2021. Christmas will come . . . it will just be a bit late.

Apple has run into some roadblocks along the way that have slowed the project down. One of the most reported of which was the departure of Project Titan leader and Apple Product Design VP, Steve Zadesky. Fortunately for Apple, Zadesky was recently replaced by highly-qualified, former Tesla VP, Chris Porritt.

The Information did an in-depth exposé on three brothers, Brian, Kevin, and Michael Sumner. The brothers, with roots in Siri development, are involved with Project Titan. It was explained that the brothers are working on software and servers, specifically for the vehicle upcoming vehicle.

Brian Sumner was working for the Siri team back in 2011. When Apple needed new additions to the team, he brought his two brothers on. All three graduated from the University of North Carolina in Chapel Hill, with degrees in computer science.

Apparently, the Apple Car will produce immense amounts of data that will need to be stored and managed. This may be related to autonomous driving, or just all of the Apple features that the vehicle will have.

Just like our iPhones, no matter how many more gigabytes are added to the new models, the storage still seems to fill up quickly. Autonomous cars alone generate 2-10 gigabytes of data every mile. Apple plans to deal with all of the cloud information on its own, unlike Tesla and other companies, and this will require massive infrastructure, software, and server upgrades.

While a push back is surely not good news, to hear that the car is a reality, from sources inside Apple, is truly exciting.

Source (The Information)

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