California Opening The Doors Wider For Autonomous Car Testing

Faraday Future FFZERO 1 Concept

The California Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV) has approved yet another company for autonomous car testing in the state. Faraday Future, electric car start-up and upcoming rival of Tesla Motors, received approval on June 17. Now, California has granted permission to 13 companies, including Apple.

Faraday, based in Los Angeles, plans to begin EV sales in about a year. The company’s factory is underway in Nevada and work is in progress for a second site on California’s Mare Island. Faraday is also working on autonomous cars.

Many Chinese funded start-ups are working on electric vehicles and self-driving technology to compete with Tesla and the upcoming Apple Car. Faraday Future has received the most notice from the press due to building in the U.S. state of Nevada and scouting property near Silicon Valley and the San Francisco Bay area. However, like Apple, the company has kept most details somewhat secret and hasn’t announced official timelines or produced anything beyond a concept.

Early on, some sources believed that Faraday, if not a farse, may have been Apple in disguise. While this is likely untrue, it is difficult to know who is who and who is working with who at this point. California also approved testing for two recent start-ups, Zoox and There are no details as to whether or not partnerships are looming for either company.

As the vehicles hit the roads, most companies will rely on test mules so as not to give away vehicle details. So, there may be no way to know which companies are out there testing and what the future may bring.

California has officially approved autonomous vehicle testing rights to Apple, Tesla, Faraday Future, Google, BMW, Ford, Nissan, Mercedes-Benz, Honda, Volkswagen, Bosch, Cruise Automation (partnered with GM), Zoox and

Uber recently announced that it is testing self-driving cars in Pittsburgh, and Lyft, in partnership with GM and Cruise Automation, plans to have autonomous taxis on public roads within a year.

Source (Tech Radar)

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