Brand New Tesla Model Xs Spotted at Apple Car Headquarters

Perhaps the Tesla vehicles at Apple Car headquarters were those that had been equipped early on with Level 5 Autonomy.

A few months back we received reports about how Apple was developing a large campus of buildings for automotive R&D outside of Sunnyvale California.

We heard reports about neighbors complaining of loud strange noises and deliveries coming in late at night.

We also heard about tall fences and high security.

Later we received a collection of  materials detailing some of the names and functions of the buildings in the campus, with each generally being named after Greek gods.

This week a reporter from Business Insider decided to sleuth around the buildings and made an interesting discovery.

Outside of the building code-named Rhea, he saw two brand new Tesla Model Xs parked at the curb.

This is particularly interesting as there have been only 7,000 of these cars sold and to see two, back to back, outside of Apple’s electric car plant is unlikely to be coincidence.

It is well known that car companies buy competitors vehicles for detailed comparisons, tear downs and reverse engineering in the hopes to build more competitive cars of their own.  We have to assume Apple is doing the same here.

Source (Business Insider)

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