Apple: Artificial Intelligence and Augmented Reality?

With all of the recent talk of Project Titan shifting gears, or reports saying that the Apple Car is dead, there hasn’t been a lot of new news. We found a really interesting listen for our Apple Car fans. Sometimes its nice to hear what people have to say, and its much safer than trying to read in traffic. Especially since no ones’ car can safely drive itself just yet. Legally …

Macworld ponders artificial intelligence and augmented reality. You will hear Apple’s take on it and investment in it, along with its implications. The post says:

If a tree falls in the woods and no one’s around, does it make a sound? And if an Apple Car is parked before it ever drives, was it even a car? Project Titan could be shifting gears, but in a world where artificial intelligence and augmented reality grow more and more important, maybe the car isn’t the most interesting problem Apple can solve.

Tim Cook definitely hasn’t been so hush hush about these topics. Like we have been saying from the beginning, the implications of such technology in the transportation segment, could be significant. If Apple creates a self-driving platform that can potentially outfit any vehicle, it will need to be above and beyond anything that the automakers may be able to do themselves, or find others to handle. Apple’s investment into these technologies is said to be well beyond the competition.

An advanced heads up display is a priority. This is much better than relying on cars’¬†existing internal systems. It takes the worry of compatibility out of the equation. High level autonomy is already a form of artificial intelligence, as it is important for the vehicle to “think” and make decisions. Check out the podcast and let us know your thoughts.

Source (Macworld)

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