Apple Trumps Google (And All Other Companies) Once Again

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Regardless of what we hear or read, the Apple brand is surely not dying a slow, imminent death. Honestly, it feels almost criminal to say that one of the planet’s top tech companies is lacking innovation … fading away … losing ground … lost without leaders of the past, etc.

In fact, Apple has been cited, once again, as the world’s most valuable brand. This puts Apple ahead of Google, Coca-Cola, Microsoft, and every other brand we care to mention. Apple has built an enterprise that makes other methods of brand-building seem lost. The way that people see the company, its history, its vision – the way that it is embraced – is wondrous, when compared to the rest of the pack. Let’s face it, of course people like Coke, and Google has made some pretty extraordinary strides, but there is none quite like Apple.

Interbrand consulting agency compiles a list of the Best Global Brands each year. Last year, Apple took the top spot, and while many skeptics may have predicted that – especially this year – that wouldn’t happen again … it did. Not only did Apple receive the top award again, but the company is seen to have increased its brand value by another 5 percent. Last year, Apple’s brand value was up a whopping 43 percent.

Apple and Google have been the top two companies for four straight years. Google’s brand value grew 11 percent this year, but it still wasn’t enough to exceed Apple’s overall value. Apple is just too monumental in so many ways. Google deserves much credit for how far its come, and how quickly.  Long-time and would-be Apple supporters are crossing the tracks, flocking over to Google. But, it’s not enough. Apple has too much history, clout, pull, and charm – it’s almost hypnotizing to some. It’s cult-like in a way – almost hard to explain or justify – but we know you understand.

Following the declining Coca-Cola, and marginally growing Microsoft are Toyota, IBM, Samsung, Amazon, Mercedes-Benz and GE, to round out the top ten.

CNET explains exactly how Interbrand comes up with the numbers:

It looks at the financial performance of the brand’s products and services, the role of the brand in pulling the consumer toward choosing it and the strength of the brand in commanding a premium price or engendering vast amounts of money for its company.

Other notable takeaways from the list are related to each company’s growth percentage. Not surprisingly, Facebook takes the win with 48 percent. Amazon is at 33 percent, Lego at 25, and Nissan at 22. Nissan is the only automaker in the top 100 that shows such a trend.

While Apple is still winning the global brand war, looking at the numbers between last year and this year is a bit disconcerting. Last year, Apple’s 43 percent increase was only trumped by Facebook’s 54 percent. This year, Apple sees the marginal 5 percent brand growth, while many companies in the top 100 are growing much more than Apple.

Yes … Apple needs that pivot. That’s not something that we don’t already know. We can rest assured that Apple knows it too!

Source (Interbrand via CNET)

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