Apple-Tesla Merger Is A Deal From The Gods

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Tesla Motors Inc. has created its fair share of rivals. Some because of direct competition, others due to the “different” way Tesla functions, and still others out of “fear”. The rivals range from large, established automakers to barely existent start-ups. Faraday Future  is building a $1 billion vehicle factory next door to Tesla’s famed Gigafactory, and is recruiting Tesla’s employees.

Tesla has achieved all of its success without PR or ads. The company is actually now saying that it doesn’t want anymore Model 3 orders, although it could handle them if needed. At this point, the key is that Tesla MUST produce and deliver.

What better way to ramp up production, have unlimited capital, and beat all the odds, than to join ranks with Apple?Sure, Apple would be buying Tesla, as it can’t ever work the other way around, but how could it not be a win win? If only the companies could come to terms, it would truly be a deal from the gods.

First and foremost, Apple has unlimited cash flow, while Tesla essentially has none. Tesla has already proven within a short time that it can build great vehicles. The company is underway on the world’s largest battery factory. Orders are already placed for many cars. Apple would get its car and Tesla would get its financial security.

The two companies function similarly in regards to direct sales of premium products. The Tesla Model S has been often compared to the iPhone.

Will it ever happen?

Tim Cook is probably not likely to buy Tesla, since he generally purchases smaller, unknown businesses. However, just last week, Apple spent $1 billion on the largest car hailing company in China.

Elon Musk is a very outspoken celebrity theses days. Although he wasn’t an actual “founder” of Tesla, most people see it as ELON IS TESLA. Negotiating and sharing with another, very different, CEO is not likely Musk’s style. Cook is conservative and safe . . . two words that aren’t in Musk’s vocabulary.

The news as of late has been very interesting and very sudden. It has been one surprise after another, following many secrets. At this point, it would be unfair to rule anything out.

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2 Comments on Apple-Tesla Merger Is A Deal From The Gods

  1. The more time/$ Apple spends on EV R&D the more Apple will value Tesla.

    The more time/$ Tesla spends on Musk’s goal of making 1 million cars per year by 2020 the more Tesla will value Apple.

    If anyone where to buy Tesla I’d want it to be Apple. I think Musk would be open to it to free him up to focus on SpaceX to colonize Mars but likely only after Model 3 is in full production.

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