Apple Should Look To Tesla For Apple Car Success

Tesla Model 3

It is pretty clear now that Apple and Tesla will not be joining forces, however, Elon Musk believes that an Apple Car will become a reality and he supports it. Tesla has found much success as a start-up OEM in a very short time, and it’s just the beginning, with the Gigafactory well underway and the Model 3 coming. As Apple moves forward on Project Titan, the company can learn some things from Tesla.

Cult of Mac’s Ste Smith elaborates on his “4 lessons Apple Car Should Learn From Tesla.”

1. Utilize technology, but keep it simple

Simple is the key, and we have heard this before. Apple has started making products and services more complicated and it isn’t doing the company any favors. A large touchscreen that is easy to use and offers all of Apple’s services and apps for free would suffice and likely be very successful.

It should be complete with CarPlay, Apple Music, and Siri. Over-the-air updates would be a must.

2. Take risks and be innovative

Tesla has been truly innovative. Other companies have released hybrids and PHEVs, but long-range all-electric is not common. Also, companies moving into electric cars have been known to show strange concepts and alien-like,  space-ship electric cars.

Tesla has succeeded in creating three different fully electric cars that all have the longest ranges in the market. The cars are sporty but “normal” looking and are known to be super fun to drive. The company has also designed cars at different price points, while keeping all the “fun stuff” that Tesla is known for, in all the models.

3. Sell the Apple Car properly

Apple is already rumored to be designing Apple Stores to fit a display Apple Car. The company sells products similarly to Tesla and has no concerns when it comes to its retail model.

Tesla is known for its direct sales method. The company doesn’t advertise or utilize dealerships. Although in some states this is causing issue, hopefully the legal system will work out the bugs.

4. Over-deliver on range and tech

Apple needs to be spot on and honest with the Apple Car. The company has way too much money to cut corners, as it has on some other recent products, because consumers will be aware. With the competition stacked and Apple’s late timeline, quality and simplicity must be key.

Apple has the time and the ability to “over-deliver” on every aspect of the vehicle. All the while Apple is working on Project Titan, the company can watch what Tesla and others are doing and work to do it better.

Range is a big issue for EVs. Tesla has succeeded more than others and is said to report range fairly and accurately. The Apple Car needs to be long range and live up to it while still being quick, sporty, and overall fun to drive.

Source (Cult of Mac)

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