Apple Should Acquire Uber To Further Secure Transportation Industry Success

Uber is now worth $62.5 billion and growing. The company recently received a $3.5 billion investment from a Saudi wealth fund. Based on current figures, this means that Uber has around $11 billion freed up to pursue continued forward momentum. It is the most successful Silicon Valley start-up since Facebook.

Uber is a private company and at some point its early investors will be looking to exit. As far as CEO Travis Kalanick is concerned, there will not be an Initial Public Sale (IPO). The only other option is for Uber to be acquired by another company.

At the cost of roughly $80 billion, Tesla, GM, and Ford all fall short by close to half or more. There really isn’t a company in a related field that could buy Uber outright except Apple. Apple is related by way of tech and app-based products, but even bigger is Apple’s movement into the automotive industry with the recent hires, rumored Apple Car and the investment into Uber’s Chinese competitor Didi-Chuxing.

Apple is making an obvious move into transportation and the automotive market on some level and it’s not just CarPlay. The company is years behind others in the market. Acquiring Uber would boost Apple’s influence in the market and give the company a substantial customer base and application for the Apple Car.

Uber is currently in a position that an acquisition by a major company would be helpful. It is spending money in massive amounts and the company isn’t currently making any money. The company is doing well in the U.S., however its main competitors are teaming up with large automakers. In Europe and Asia, other companies are trumping Uber.

Uber has disrupted the transportation and tech industry. Companies like Uber are taking away “ownership”. Apple is all about disrupting industries and it did to the computing and smartphone industry what Uber is doing to the transportation industry. If Uber can survive, much more may be disrupted and changed. What better than for Apple to be a part of it?

Source (Business Insider)

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  1. Uber’s biggest and strongest market is the USA, yet their business model has not yet established itself with profitability nor with ensured regulatory compliance. I think Apple should stay away from becoming a Tier 1 owner of a ride sharing service, at least until it has proven it can design, manufacture, and sell a competitive car.

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