Apple Registers Automotive Web Domains

Though the company has registered new automotive domains, they haven’t registered all Apple domains

Though Apple is typical quite secretive about new product development, its ability to keep its Project Titan car project under wraps is proving difficult.

This should not be surprising as building a vehicle requires scopes of materials, engineering and expertise typically not found in the traditional computer lineup.

A recent clue the further points to Apple building its own car can be found in the Internet domain registration space.

It has been discovered that Apple registered three particular auto-related web domains:


All three of these domains were registered in December and as you can see in the links above, all show Apple Inc as the owner.

This of course doesn’t confirm¬†Apple is building a car because it would be expected Apple would come to own every Apple domain that has one of the new extensions, of which there are dozens.

However they don’t own them all, as illustrates.

So just maybe car related domains are really important to Apple…

Source (macrumors)

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