Apple Officially Granted Augmented Reality Patent For Use In Cars

Image Credit (Motor Trend)

As we have been reporting, Apple is well on its way to bringing augmented reality (AR) to the forefront, starting with its current devices, and then moving into the car platform. Now, we have some details. Apple was just granted a patent for an AR mapping feature that will overlay visuals onto live video.

The system will show users the world around them, with mapping information clearly marked, much like that of a head up display. Obvious information will be points of interest, street names, distant signage, and business information, however, the possibilities are virtually endless.

Transferring this technology to a car’s system could be as simple as integrating it into the already successful Apple CarPlay. AR information could show on the car’s infotainment screen, just like it would on an iPhone. In vehicles with a head up display, the concept will be revolutionary, no matter how it is implemented.

Like other growing automotive technologies related to maps, navigation, and self-driving, the system will give Apple the ability to move it into vehicles quickly, but then allow for it to undergo a myriad of updates and further development. Initial, simple navigation-based information, could later lead to an unparalleled virtual interface for autonomous features.

It is becoming much less of a wonder as to why Apple is putting the car plan in the back seat, and focusing on this concept. Apple CarPlay is already in most vehicles, and other than a few automakers, the rest are adding the option. Vehicles already come with most of the technology needed for Apple to be a able to step in and utilize it to disrupt the industry.

Apple has the potential to affect “all” vehicles, thus, making its own car seems hasty at this point. However, if the company can get its self-driving tech and AR system rolling out into vehicles sooner than later, it may surely spawn new interest for an exclusive Apple Car as the next step in the process.

Source (Appleinsider)

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