Apple Maps Will Assure You Don’t Lose Your Apple Car

Source (Wired)

Although Apple hasn’t officially committed to the rumors that an Apple Car is underway, every day there is more news that points to it. Apple Maps has added a new feature to the soon to come iOS 10 that will remember where your car is parked.

The Apple Maps service will drop a pin every time the car is parked, except at the users home address. Users can then access the map pin and use it to get directions to the vehicle. In the past, a person could drop a pin themselves and then later go back and access it, but it was somewhat of a hassle to do so and took valuable time. It was also not difficult to set the pin in an inaccurate location.

Not only does the Apple Map record the location of the car, but it also marks the car clearly on the map as one of the recommended destinations. Once the user has enabled this, the Apple Maps “lock screen widget” will show “Parked Car”.

This is not the only change to Maps that will come with iOS 10. Now users can add other extra functions from third-party apps using extensions and add-ons. This week, at the Apple Worldwide Developers Conference, the use of such extensions was demonstrated, showing the ability to search for restaurants, book reservations, reserve a car, and pay for such actions. This and other similar functions will all be able to be performed without leaving the Maps screen and without ever having to open another app or be inadvertently redirected.

Aside from all of the recommended destinations and new features, Maps will include real time information on traffic, construction, and road conditions, among other information. The map will automatically zoom for the user, based on all factors.

At the current time, iOS 10 is available as a test function for registered Apple developers. The beta for use for the public will become available in July, preceding the official, free software update set for the fall.

Source (Appleinsider)

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