Apple Is Researching Vehicle Charging Technology And Infrastructure

According to a Reuters report on Wednesday, Apple is in the process of compiling information and making possible deals with companies to initiate vehicle charging research, software and charging infrastructure development. Reportedly, people in the field have provided inside information and LinkedIn profiles were checked.

Apple has apparently asked charging station companies to provide information about the technology and how it works. One person that anonymously provided such a statement also said that Apple was directly referring to a focus on its car, when researching charging infrastructure.

As with all of the recent reports/rumors concerning Apple building a car, those providing information don’t want to jeopardize their relationship with Apple. This is especially true as Apple is continually hiring for Project Titan and possibly working on partnerships with the companies. Another reason for the limited information is that Apple could become a direct competitor with the companies in the future.

Reuters said that none of the companies would verify the information, however, the president of EVgo said his company is¬†“in discussions with every manufacturer of today and every potential manufacturer of tomorrow.”

One of the main setbacks for EV sales currently is the lack of adequate charging infrastructure. California will need 13 to 25 percent more charging stations by 2020. This will support the projection of 1 million EVs on the road by that time. Other reports put the number much higher.

Apple has a tendency and drive to disrupt the current market. The company wants to do everything bigger and better and provide a high-quality product that can trump the competition. Thus far, Apple has achieved this on most fronts. Getting into a market that is suffering due to a “lack” of infrastructure or success is the perfect opportunity for Apple.

Added to this, at least four of Apple’s recent hires have been people with car charging specialization. A few of the employees previously worked for BMW and Google. In January, Apple hired Nan Liu, a researcher in wireless vehicle charging technology.

Sources (Patently Apple, Apple Insider)

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