Apple In Talks With Canadian Auto Supplier Linamar

Linamar Corporation

Linamar Corp., located in Toronto, Canada, reported that it has spoken with Apple and Google regarding supplying the companies for automaking. Linamar is Canada’s second largest supplier, and has much experience to offer.

CEO Linda Hasenfratz recently interviewed with Bloomberg TV Canada and spoke of the situation. Although she didn’t provide specifics, she did confirm the potential for working with new companies. She said:

“There’s lots of opportunity. I love the idea of having some new customers to work with.”

“They’re interested in partnering with people in the industry as well because obviously we’ve got the experience and we know what we need to do in order to build a high-quality vehicle. We’re quoting work and designing product that could be utilized in those vehicles.”

Linamar’s specialty is drive trains and power units for hybrids. Hasenfratz confirmed that the company is currently working on a new electric vehicle drive train.

Google has officially announced a deal with Fiat Chrysler to make self-driving vehicle prototypes, but it seems Google is only interested in providing the autonomous technology. This deal is not exclusive, as Google has worked with other companies and has other deals pending or not officially publicized.

Apple, of course, hasn’t publicized anything concerning a vehicle, however, the information is out there daily. Reports in April said that the company was looking to partner with Magna International Inc., Canada’s largest automotive supplier. Working deals with the two largest suppliers in Canada is just another red flag showing that Apple is surely looking to build a car.

Perhaps Apple is banking on the competition between Magna and Linamar to secure the best deal. Another possibility could be that Apple will utilize both companies for different purposes.

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