Apple Hires Top Tesla Executive to Head Car Project

A bump in the road to the Apple car came last year when it was reported that Steve Zadesky who had been heading the secret Apple car team had left the position “for personal reasons.”

This news led many pundits to suspect that Apple might be failing at its electric car plans and put the future vehicle’s appearance in jeopardy.

However insiders have continued to report the project Titan project was moving along nicely.  Since then we’ve seen numerous reports about the expansion of Apple’s car development facilities including most recently news there is an A-level team in Berlin Germany, and that car maker Magna may partner will Apple to build the car.

Today we have seen late breaking news that Apple has apparently hired a senior executive from Tesla Motors to take over Zadesky’s position.

Chris Porritt who was Tesla’s Vice President of Vehicle Engineering and a former Aston Martin Chief Engineer, was confirmed to have been hired by Apple on its “special projects” team.  It is clear from perusing LinkedIn that special projects is the formal name Apple gives to its Titan electric car division.

Porritt has been working in the automotive industry since 1987 when he started as an intern at Land Rover.  During his tenure as Aston-Martin he is known to help make some of the company’s most landmark vehicles of recent years including the One-77 supercar, V12 Zagato and Aston Martin DB9.

At Telsa Porritt helped develop the Model S, Model X, and Model 3 vehicles.

The proof that Porritt is now working at Apple revealed the company simply replaced Zadesky with someone they feel will do a better job as thier top car guy and that plans for the car haven’t stalled but continue to move full-throttle.

Source (Electrek)


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