Apple Hires Prestigious Satellite Navigation Expert

Sinisa Durekovic, satellite navigation system software engineer with ties to Mercedes, BMW, and Audi, has been employed at Apple since October. Bloomberg announced that Harman International Industries’ “principal architect and then chief engineer for navigation” was hired in the fall to fill a role that neither Durekovic or Apple will comment about.

The German expert had been living near the BMW headquarters in Munich. Around the time of the hiring, he moved to San Francisco’s Silicon Valley area where Apple is located.

Based on Durekovic’s 20 years of expertise in the field, it’s likely that he will be working on Apple’s navigation service for the Apple Car. There is no doubt that if Apple follows through with Project Titan, the company will only rely on itself for services and features. It already has its own Map client and it exceeds Google Maps usage on iOS. Durekovic has his own patent concerning maps and collision avoidance.

Most car navigation systems are designed to support many different platforms and manufacturers. This makes them “retrofit” and not necessarily of the highest quality or build. But with Durekovic on board and focusing on a system specifically designed only for the Apple Car, the end result should prove much better than the competition.

Coming up on June 13, Apple will be hosting its Worldwide Developer Conference event. As previously reported, we don’t expect to hear anything yet about the Apple Car. So, it is safe to say that the contributions of Durekovic may go unannounced for some time. But, he has already been with Apple for over six months, so obviously something is happening. Perhaps there will be announcements related to CarPlay and Didi Chuxing.

Source (Apple Insider)

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