Apple Hires Former Google Electric Car Charging Expert

Apple’s hiring patterns and patent applications offer clues the development of their electric car.

Dragging a metal detector through recent patent applications has yielded a two headed coin. Evidence has surfaced revealing the company has hired a former Google inventor named Kurt Adelberger, which can be gleaned from LinkedIn to have occurred in July 2015.

Aderlberger’s name was discovered as the co-author of a patent application Google submitted in October of 2015.  Though filed with the USPTO, the patent has yet to be awarded but it shows what Adelberger is working on.

The patent is for a “Mediator device for smart electric vehicle charging”.

In particular the mediator device they are proposing is devised to sit between the electric car and the charging station, whether at home, public, or private.

The mediator would connect to a server and be able to use data to determine the best method of charging the car.  It would know such things as how long the driver will likely be plugged in, for example briefly or overnight because he/she is home.  It would also know how much charge is left on the battery and such things as grid usage and utility rates over time.

The device would finally mediate the charging rate over time while he car is plugged in to optimize the experience for the driver from both a cost and efficiency perspective.

Adelberger is now working for Apple as a “product designer”.  He was educated as an astrophysicist an is known to also have worked on energy storage methods and methods to reduce EV charing costs.

Aderlberger is likely on the Apple Titan team along with a staff of about 600 all reporting to Chris Porritt, himself hired last year from Tesla.

Source (Quartz)


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