Apple Gets Patent For Articulated Vehicles

As Apple fans keep their eyes on the company’s various patents, anything that comes along that may be related to the rumored Apple Car, receives much attention. Thus far, any patents that we have reported on, have generally been for possible Apple Car features. Now, Apple has received its first official vehicle-related patent.

The patent may seem strange, as it is for articulated vehicles (a vehicle with a pivoting joint, often used in double or triple buses or trams). With Apple’s recent investment in China’s most successful ride-sharing company, Didi Chuxing, and that deal’s recent implications with Uber, a patent that could be used for mass transit vehicles could not be far off.

The patent specificies:

The present invention relates to a steering device comprising a steering member for mutually steering a first vehicle unit and a second vehicle unit of an articulated vehicle which comprises a link mechanism for mutually pivoting said vehicle units, a housing configuration arranged to form a supply space between said vehicle units and a removal mechanism arranged in the supply space, wherein the removal mechanism comprises a heating device arranged to heat air intended to stream through the housing configuration. The invention also relates to an articulated vehicle with a steering member.

The more interesting part is that BAE Systems in Sweden actually assigned the patent to Apple. Drawings accompanying the patent show a tank-like vehicle, however BAE does deal with articulated buses. Updates are already surfacing, with little detail. We will keep you posted as there are more developments.

Source (9to5Mac)

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