Apple Gets Approval by California DMV to Road Test Autonomous Cars

After a dirge of Apple Car news, fans have something new to ponder.

Bloomberg has reported that Apple has applied to the California DMV to be allowed to road test their autonomous car driving platform

And per the California DMV website, Apple has been cleared for testing.

The plan per Apple insiders is for Apple to begin testing its autonomous driving software by outfitting existing vehicles with the platform.

As usual Apple style the company is a little late to the game.  Thus far 29 companies have applied to be able to test autonomous driving vehicles.

Industry expert expect about 25% of all miles driven will be autonomous by the end of the next decade.  Clearly Apple plans to be among them.

The Apple test cars will be three 2015 Lexus RX450h outfitted with the software platform and will require an actual driver still be behind the wheel.  Six employees were approved.

It remains unclear whether Apple will simply sell its autonomous driving platform to other automakers,the way it sells Apple CarPlay, or whether more excitingly it will build its own car.

The company plans to make a final decision on whether an Apple car will be created by the fall.

Source (Bloomberg)

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