Apple CEO Skeptical About Outsourcing Car Production

Recently we learned that Apple’s CEO Tim Cook is only exploring the possibility of building the company’s own car.  The company has at this point committed considerable resources including over 100 employees and a dedicated testing facility, and they are researching whether they can disrupt the automotive space

They have not at this point it appears spent the “gobs” of money required to create a production consumer vehicle, and it remains unclear if they will.

In the same interview Cook also appear open the possibility of outsourcing the vehicle’s production and continuing along the same vane as Apple CarPlay where Apple provides the software, such as self driving platform.

Asked if it were possible to have another automaker build the Apple car for them he said “I don’t think it’s the model for the [auto] industry. It’s not how it was born.”

“That industry was born much like the industry that we’re in, the electronics industry: People began doing their own manufacturing, and then over time it became clear that specializing would probably be a better way to go from the supply-chain point of view,” he added. “And so most companies begin to go in that way, at different levels and maybe in different ways.”

So though it hasn’t been done this way before it is possibly Apple could get it to go in that direction. “I don’t think that there’s a fundamental reason why that couldn’t be done,” he said.

In the end though this really isn’t the Apple way.  They are all about marrying software and hardware in an irresistible closed ended system of their own design.

Source (Forbes)


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