Apple Car WILL Be A Threat

Despite the fact that Tesla is at the forefront of electric, autonomous technology, Google is openly succeeding in it, and most major automakers are well on the way, Apple is still seen by many as the most substantial threat. For a myriad of obvious reasons, the  Apple Car has more potential than any to be the disruptor.

While there are several rumors, much is supported by the fact that Apple IS working on a project related to vehicles and transportation. And yes … there is a tiny chance that it won’t come to be … like the infamous Apple TV. However, generally when there is a rumor about Apple, we treat it as fact. Especially a rumor of this magnitude, supported by too many actions to ignore. It is not so much the “what”, but more so the “how’ and “when”.

Apple has gone so far with this venture that it has acquired new “secret” buildings, poached experts in the field, hired thousands of employees, and put billions of dollars at stake. Apple has the resources and the reputation to assure that its offering to the already-blossoming industry is revolutionary.

Autocar points out that the project has been approved by top executives at Apple. Regardless of the lengthy timeline, Apple is already testing its technology on a fleet of Dodge Caravans at a San Francisco naval base. The time of mass reception of electric vehicles, along with regulators approval of high-level self-driving technology is still years away, and we can expect Apple to be right at the forefront, as a top contender, when it all irons out.

Source (Autocar)

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  1. The more Apple spends on EV R&D the more Apple will value Tesla.

    The more Tesla spends on product development & production expansion the more Tesla will value Apple’s available cash horde.

    Those two values are likely to intersect in equal value at some point.

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