Apple Car Price

Apple Car Price Determination

The Apple car price is everyone’s first question.  Here we attempt to answer it.

Despite the fact that the Apple car isn’t official and far from guaranteed and likely doesn’t exist in physical form, mention that Apple is building a car and the listener’s typical first response is “how much is it?’

This is true for any new product or new product category as these are consumer items and the consumer wants to know if they can afford it.

Of course we don’t really know how much Apple’s first car is going to cost at the point of this writing in February 2016, however there is plenty of information we can use to deduce it.

First, the average price of a new car in the USA in  December 2015 was $34,428.  This if for the typical new light vehicle, and though the range is great spanning from compact budget cars through nigh end luxury models.

We can assume as it always the Apple way, their car will be considerably more than that.

Another Apple strategy is to come out with a product so compelling and lustworthy people will pay for more than its worth in components, far more than it s closest competition.  In so doing Apple usually expects smaller volumes in the first year with rapid future growth as prices come down slightly.

For certain the car will be packed with breakthrough technology never before found in cars, like smart windshields, and this will add to the price.

It seems unlikely the Apple car will compete on price points with high end luxury vehicles those close to or about the hundred thousand dollar mark, although the Model S is close around $80,000.

Finally it is without question the Apple car will come in different feature package levels, like all cars do and akin to the strategy for iPhones or any other Apple device.

It is likely the first Apple car will  be of a single model and not several, and may be called the Apple car, Apple Titan or iCar seems unlikely.

So what is the Apple car price?

Figure double the cost of the average car, in the mid luxury range and slightly below Tesla.  Our guess  $54,999-$64,999.

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