Apple Car May Have Pressure Sensitive Touchscreen Windshield


The famous Apple rumor mill is starting to pick up pace as we begin to hear about possible groundbreaking technology that could arrive in the Apple car.

Suppliers suggest Apple may be developing a touchscreen windshield for the vehicle or vehicle line.

Apple supplier Synaptics leaked information that Apple was developing a touchscreen windshield that also has the 3D touch function the current iPhone 6s has.  This would allow the windshield to also determine how hard the user is pressing on it.

Such an interface would integrate nicely with the possibility of AR being projected onto the windshield – something we previously heard Apple is working on.

Imagine seeing a building as you pass by.  Just force touch the building image and learn more about what’s going on there or see its phone number to dial for example

One thing is for certain, this will truly be an amazing car.

Source (Business Insider)

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