Apple Car May Get High Output Hollow Batteries

Recently, it was reported that Apple recruited a top battery expert from Samsung to help with the Apple Car. Now, it looks like the company is furthering this by working with another company to make innovative vehicle batteries. A spokesperson from the South Korean company in question said:

“Because we made a NDA with Apple, we cannot discuss any information regarding this project.”

Notice, as usual, nothing was said that there is not a project in place. But, for a small company to leak information and risk an opportunity with Apple, would be ludicrous. The South Korean company is made up of about twenty employees and apparently joined in on Project Titan a few months back. The non-disclosure agreement sees that the company remains unnamed.

The particular lithium-ion batteries that Apple is hoping to produce with the help of the company will be hollow. The hollow batteries will have run cooler and thus be able to have higher output. It was also said that the batteries will be the thickness of about two fingers.

ET News reported:

“Because batteries create most heat from the center due to chemical reactions, this company has created batteries where air flow and cooling are smooth in the center of batteries and this can minimize installation of separate cooling device or a device that prevents overheating.”

As shown in the photo above, Apple has a patent in place from the past that relates to this process.

Source (CultofMac)

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