Apple Car Has Moved to Prototyping Phase

Apple Car news continues to come in fast and furious as momentum is picking up on the Titan electric car project.

We just reported that Apple has hired top Tesla executive Steve Porritt to take over leadership of their car team in place of  Steve Zadesky who departed last year likely against his wishes.

The latest news indicates that Apple has hired yet another key Tesla employee.  David Masiukiewicz has been hired by Apple this month as a “senior model maker” to work at their product realization laboratory facility.  In his former Tesla position he worked on R&D hardware prototyping.  He left Tesla in March and started at Apple in April.

While at Tesla, according to his LinkedIn profile Masiukiewicz he described his work on “Precision 5 axis CNC machining of powertrain, suspension and chassis components using CATIA v5 and Openmind hyperMILL software,” and “Programming of Mill/Turn equipment using Esprit.”

Per his Facebook page, Masiukiewicz said Apple “provided me with many compelling reasons” to join the company.

The new report also noted that Apple has hired another automotive expert to the product realization lab.  Kevin Harvey used to work in a similar role for Andretti Autosport where he was a CNC Machine Shop Supervisor.

Taken together these findings reveal that Apple is putting an expert team together to begin the building of the first Apple Car prototypes presumably based on learnings and developments from the previous two years of work.

Don’t expect to see a prototype soon as Apple will surely be guarding it under the utmost strict secrecy.  However, it is great to know the project is marching on at a brisk pace toward the likely goal of a product reveal in 2019.

Source (9to5mac)

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  1. If I was you, I’d rent a house on the eastern edge of Dana Estates in Concord (next to the old naval station/autonomous driving facility), and get the telephoto lens ready for some spy shots….

    Just saying…..

    • @Kosh,
      I 2nd that excellent idea. Perhaps also while there Lyle could attempt to impersonate the pizza delivery guy to get inside the Titan compound.

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