Apple Automated Driving Expert Leaves For Faraday Future

Burt Nabbe of Apple’s special projects team left the company in July to accept a position at electric car start-up Faraday Future. It is reported that he will be working for the new company in the automated driving division. Nabbe was responsible for computer vision, navigation, and artificial intelligence for Apple’s Project Titan.

Apple is not the first company to lose key people to the California-based Chinese-backed future automaker. Marco Mattiacci, long-time Ferrari executive is now at Faraday as well, along with James Chen and Nick Sampson from Tesla. Between Tesla, Faraday, Apple, Google, Audi and some others, it seems employees have been bouncing around.

Nabbe is another loss for Apple’s team, as the original leader of Project Titan, Steve Zadesky left unexpectedly months ago. Recently, it was leaked that the company’s top-secret electric-autonomous vehicle project may be delayed a year due to obstacles.

Nabbe has a packed resume and is a top name in self-driving technology. He is an adjunct professor at Carnegie Mellon University, which has a partnership with Uber, and a track record for employees working side-by-side with future automakers. Prior to his two years at Apple, he was a project manager at Toyota.

An email statement from Faraday Future pointed out that Nabbe will serve as a major player for the company as it continues to develop and refine its autonomous driving systems. Specifically, according to LinkedIn, Nabbe’s focus is on how autonomous technologies navigate around real people and objects.

Source (Fortune)

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