Apple Augmented Reality iOS Patent May Help Vehicle Engineers

Apple was recently granted a new patent with augmented reality applications that the company applied for back in 2011. Original application details and explanation can be found here.

Patent 9,305,402 will allow for “a highly advanced synchronized and interactive augmented reality (AR) display for future iOS devices”, with the option of using an AR/VR headset. Original intentions for the technology included use in business, education, and health care. Also, the company included 3D video and imaging options that could assist mechanics with engine repair.

The video could be used to take live shots of a car’s engine and other parts in 3D format. If a user held an iOS device over the particular part, the device could then show a detailed outline of the part, complete with live video clips, repair info, etc.



Although Apple only briefly mentions an automotive application, patents such as this are broad enough that one can see that the applications could be endless. Previous news mentioned Apple working on AR and VR technologies and possibly an AR windshield. If Apple follows through with Project Titan, patents like this could prove extremely helpful in many ways.

Source (Patently Apple)

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