Tim Cook Hints At Apple’s Future

July 27, 2016 0

Despite Apple’s 15% drop in iPhone sales, and bleak quarterly earnings, stock shares have jumped 7%. R & D spending is up a record 6% for the quarter and 28% for the year thus far. […]

Companies In The Self-Driving Vehicle Race

July 19, 2016 0

As reported yesterday, self-driving vehicle technology is not going away. There will surely be “speed bumps” such as auto accidents and regulations, however, it is known that autonomous vehicles will eventually be a major mode of […]

Alibaba Internet Car To Compete With Apple And Google

July 12, 2016 0

Chinese-based internet company, Alibaba, is entering the car market with a voice-controlled, connected car. The vehicle, which looks much like a normal SUV, can perform many “tricks”. The car currently utilizing the technology is an […]

Will An Apple Car Be A True Threat To Tesla?

July 11, 2016 1

Recently, an interesting question appeared on Quora (a website that allows various insightful people to provide “the best answer to any question”). It read: How big a threat is an Apple car to Tesla? You can click […]

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