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McLaren P1

Apple May Purchase McLaren and Lit Motors

September 22, 2016 0

The New York Times and Business Insider have reported that Apple is in talks to purchase McLaren and Lit Motors. Regardless of the final outcome, like the investment in Didi Chuxing, this is just another piece of […]

Apple Tesla

The New York Times Sees Apple/Tesla Partnership

September 21, 2016 0

In order for two companies to successfully join hands, there must be a vested interest. Both companies must benefit from the merger. The New York Times (NYT) believes that an Apple/Tesla collaboration is a match like […]

Image Credit (Krone)

Why Apple Is Turning To Magna International?

September 20, 2016 0

Most automakers are known throughout the world as common names. Even those people that don’t really take an interest in cars, can name many auto companies. There is a ton of competition out there, so […]

magna apple car

Magna Working On The Apple Car

September 16, 2016 1

Regardless of recent reports stating that Apple is taking a new direction for Project Titan, it has been reported that Magna International/Magna Steyr is working on the Apple Car. Earlier in the year, there was […]

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Survey Shows High Interest In An Apple Car

September 14, 2016 0

We can only hope that Apple is simply “revamping” Project Titan, rather than throwing in the towel. Apparently, we are not the only people that feel this way. Let’s face it … there is a […]

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Apple Reassessing Autonomous Car Project

September 12, 2016 2

Sometimes no news is good news. But, it really all depends on how we assess the situation. A few anonymous sources told the media that Apple is revamping its self-driving initiative. With this news came […]

apple car 2076

New Look For The Future Apple Car

September 9, 2016 0

Professional designer, Ali Cam, created Apple Car renderings complete with a backstory about how Apple will evolve over the next 60 years. This was all completed as a tribute to Steve Jobs’ “centenary”, and closely […]


Apple Car WILL Be A Threat

September 7, 2016 1

Despite the fact that Tesla is at the forefront of electric, autonomous technology, Google is openly succeeding in it, and most major automakers are well on the way, Apple is still seen by many as the […]